Sunday, October 01, 2006

Picture Pages

Today was Lilipons. Usually when you go to a cross race, it's a park of some sort. There's trees, a fields and some road of some sort. It's great for viewing the race, but never what you'd call picturesque. Lilipons was an exception. This was my first time going to this race. It was a great place for a cross race. The course was great, there was some technical little run-up's, which were cool, and there were liliponds everywhere. It was so neat looking. The race course weaved in and out around them. I saw some broken tape in some places. I'm pretty sure there were a few folks that took the plunge. I saw one guy for sure. Anyway, here are some of my favorite shots from today's events.

Marc, Wes, Amy and I loaded up the toaster with 5 bikes, a gazilion wheels and all our crap and headed off at 6:45am. My race was the first one and Wes's was the last. It was a long day. A good day, but long. I did better this week. I had a lot of fun, still very painful, but did better overall.

Wes and Amy riding along. Wes looks a little scared.

This is one of the cool little landscapes they have set up. Amy liked this little guy.

Marc and Ethan warming up before their race.

Tom, Mike, and Kurt cooling down after their race?

FFA makes a new friend.

Marc doing what he does.

Everyone hanging out after getting done races. One more to go. Of course I picked this shot cause Fred the Wonder Dog is in it.

Here's my version of the Tour de France sunflower picture. Yeah, you can barely tell there are racers in the picture, but who cares. It looks cool. I actually think that first little spec is Marc.

This was just some cool old dog that let me get down on the ground and play with him. He was nice. My first thought was he looked a bit rough and might take my arm off. But it turns out he's an old softy.


airing out said...

Great photos! I wish I could have taken my dog to the race we went to... but she is afraid of cow bells and pa systems and loud noises and bicycles and wind. It doesn't go well when she is afraid because she is so big.

I can't believe you fit all of those bikes in the mini... you should meet my friend stella. She is the mini clubs.

Anonymous said...

whoa great picture of amy
does she always do her toenails before a race?

chunky monkey said...

No, we did not get all that in my mini. We were i Marc's car. He has a Honda Element. Much bigger!
I wish we could take our dogs too. But Riley took some guys out once at a race. That was his last race.

airing out said...

Last time I took Loda, the great dane, we were standing under the tent waiting for elk to come in. All at once there was thunder and applause for a finisher. She pulled... I got her to stop but as soon as the next thunder burst, she dragged me while she crawled quickly (she knew she wasn't allowed to run but she couldn't stop herself) and drug me and another dude who was trying to help about 30 yards. Yes, drug me. I had grass stains on my knees. It sucked. No more dog at the races.

Frank Brigandi said...

I took my rottweiler to a race in 1996 once...once. he took a giant shit at the starting line, then threatened everyone as they came around for lap#1, then wandered around humping everyone elses dogs, then passed out next to my car for a while, then ate someone's cliff bars, took another giant crap at the scoring truck, pissed on some stuff, then went for a nice nap.....I miss him. THat scruffy dog looks like he's seen some days eh?

gwadzilla said...

looks like you guys set up camp....

did they have to kick you off the grounds?

IF Chicks said...

why are those 3 guys running after their race ??

Great pictures, keep them coming next weekend !!!!!!

MyHusbandRules said...

I have to admit that early in his bike race attending career, Fred the Wonderdog broke free from me at a bad moment to chase Chris at a TT. Then when he lost Chris,he ran back to me....across the path of two other cyclists. I was mortified. But no incidents other than his being mean to other dogs since then!

sad said...

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