Saturday, June 16, 2007


Last night Ethan, Meghan, Amy, Marc and I headed up to Wilmington for the Italian Festival. Parking is always a treat in the city, and we were in 3 separate cars, so we decided we'd drop off 2 of the cars at Amy's and then all pile into one and head on over. By the time I got to Amy's Marc and I had to pee really badly. So Amy let us in while Ethan waited for us. When I was done, I skipped outside (yes I skipped, I was feeling nice) and over to the red car waiting in the street and preceded to get in. That is when I noticed this wasn't Ethan's car. It was another red car. Just then the Grotto's pizza delivery guy walks over laughing saying, "you're friends car is around the corner". Oooops.
Later in the evening after partaking of some food and beverage it was time to pee again. Me and Amy headed over to the port-o-pots. There were numerous people standing around, but I couldn't tell if they were actually in line. Amy didn't care and preceded to go over to the nearest one that was green and pull open the door wide open, all the while looking at me because I'm saying I don't think you can just go in, these people might be waiting. She's looking at me laughing, not paying attention to what lay inside the port-o-pot. I then start saying "no, Amy no, you can't". Only she thinks it's because she butted, then the door slips out of her hand, only for her to rip it open a second time, while I'm still saying no. Finally she looks inside and realizes there's a guy inside taking a wiz.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Stupid 50
Went out to State College this past weekend for the Stupid 50. I had no plans to race it. I just tagged along with Marc, Matt, Buddy and Fitzy who all did race. Wes's parents so kindly put us up for the night. So that was really cool of them.
Shortly after arriving we grabbed a bite and headed off to ride some of the course. I had expressed my concern to Wes as I knew it was rocky and basically they scare me. He assured me I'd be fine and we headed off.As we drove in further and deeper into the forest (yes forest, not woods) it got hillier and hillier (mountains really). My concern grew, but I kept an open mind. Our ride started out up a long dirt road which turned into an 18 min climb for me. Yeah, by now my concern was really monstrous. I thought my head was going to pop off. Then we went into the woods. Immediately there were rocks, then wet rocks, then moss covered wet rocks. Before long I was walking. I started saying, "maybe you should point me back and you guys can keep going". But they said "it'll get better, just needed to relax. It's just a quick ride". 10 miles, 2 hours, about a bazillion "oh my's" and some other choice words, numerous more climbs and many more rocks, and me and Fitzy almost getting lost and we were finally done.
State College whooped my ass and I didn't even race!Sunday I went around with Ryan, his mom and Nancy. It was great being with someone who knew the area. Ryan would check the map and we'd take off to another spot just as the lead men were coming through. I have to hand it to everyone that did that race. It was brutal. Wes did awesome, he got 3rd overall and won the singlespeed class finishing in 4.5 hours! Matt was next to come in from our group. When I saw him about a third of the way in he was looking spry and definitely in a groove. He managed to keep that groove and finish 15th.Buddy came next, he rounding out the top 20. I felt bad because his beer he given me had gotten warm. But he was prepared and had a cold one waiting once he cleaned up. Marc came in a few minutes later. I was a little concerned since he wasn't looking so great the last time I saw him as he ripped his now broken MP3 player out his pocket saying it wasn't his day. Then I started getting reports from people that were with him at some point and said he was jovial but then he was gone. But despite having a bad day and getting off course twice he managed 21st. Not too bad.We saw many others come in, but I can't remember all the placings now. Everyone did really well. Just finishing that race was an accomplishment in itself. My hat is off to them all.
Fitzy chugging along.
Matt after the race thinking "why'd I go so fast?"
Taylor IPoding up to finish the last 20 miles.
Wes looking way too fresh after a 50 mile race. Amy just couldn't stop riding after crossing the finish.
Marc wasn't happy, but he did great. Proud of you babe!