Monday, October 23, 2006

This is Laura, she's great. She'll give you the shoes off her feet. Well, maybe not off her feet; but out of her trunk.

Thanks Laura!


This was a long weekend. Not long as in a three day weekend or anything. Long as in absolutely every minute was jammed packed from the time I got up until I went to bed. I got off work Friday and rushed home to do my openers. Unfortunately I didn’t get to do them where I normally do and had to do them on the road, in what seemed like a 50mph headwind. Leaves and such were beating me in the face as I rode along.
Saturday I was not feeling my best. I was just having a conversation the week before with Rob about race gut and how I don’t get it. I try to keep things light. No real expectations and what not; whatever happens happens, therefore, no race gut. Well Saturday morning I did. It being the first MAC race, I wasn’t sure what to expect.
It turned out to be a good day. It was a good size field, 25 women. The largest I’ve raced cross with to date. We were all lining up and someone made a comment that there were a lot of women, I agreed and then I glanced back over my shoulder and really saw how many. It was pretty cool. I ended up getting 16th out of 25. So I was pretty happy with that. It was a fun course.
Sunday was day 2. Ouch! I was pretty sore from racing the day before. I wouldn’t even let Marc pre-reg me because I really had no intention of racing. As Sat progressed it looked more likely that I would race, but still no guarantee. Sunday I packed my bag and we headed off. I got there and still didn’t feel like it. Kerri and Marc assured me that though I felt like ass, so did everyone else. So I registered.
Time to get ready, I have my number and I go to get dressed and I open up my bag and no shoes! Crap, I have everything but my shoes. I’m thinking in my head, “this is a sign, I shouldn’t be racing”. I tell Marc what happened. Before I can say anything else he takes off through the parking lot asking anyone if they have size 36 or 37 shoes for me to borrow. I just follow behind. Thinking no one will have that size. Then we ask Laura from Team Shiftless. She has her shoes with her and she’s not racing and they’re my size. So she lends them to me. Only problem, they’re Time and I have Shimano pedals and never ridden anything but Shimano. Marc, thinking quickly again, gets me to borrow a pedal wrench and he takes his pedals off his pit bike and puts them on mine.
So now I’m racing, I’m sore from the day before, have someone else’s shoes and pedals I’ve never used before. Mmmm
Luckily everything turned out ok. Time pedals are really easy to get used to and the only real problem I had was finding the cleat when I got back on my bike as the positioning was different. I didn’t do all so great in my race, but it wasn’t cause of the pedals or shoes. It was a good day though. And fun in a sick sort of way. So thank you Laura for loaning me your shoes!!!

My nephew's Justin and Jake at Granogue. They loved the cow bells!

Marc in the ghetto Pooh Bear and Doopy as Tigger. I actually heard a mom say, "look honey it's a Tiger and a Bunny".

Katie on Sunday. I don't know how she can even see with that giant helmet.

My sister, Jen.

Ethan flying up the run-up at Granogue. He's like a bunny off the bike.

Jamie partaking of some sweet sweet Moe's.