Friday, March 02, 2007

Spring Is Here!

Well not really. But it sure does feel like it today. Wow is it a nice change. When I went to work this morning it was pouring. I even had to take an alternate route due to flooding. I figured another night on the trainer, ick! But as the day went on I noticed it starting to clear. I didn't think much of it until I walked outside and the wind hit me in the face. I braced myself for the shocking cold, only to find a nice warmth instead. mmm This is a nice surprise, I thought it was supposed to be crappy into tomorrow sometime. I checked the temperature when I got to my car. 62 degrees! OK, that's it, the race was on to get home and get on the bike. Luckily I hit very little traffic. I checked out the roads and they looked dry, yeah! I got home, changed super quick and took off. I was determined to soak up as much warmth as I could.
It was amazing. I just kept on riding further and further away from home and didn't even care. It was great. I didn't have to dress like the Michelin man for a change too, so I felt nice and light. It makes such a difference. I did make one mistake. As I got down to Newark I decided to go down Creek Road. Yeah, I should have known better just by the name being Creek Road that it might still be wet. Well wet is actually an understatement. It had streams running across the road. Where everywhere else was sunny and dry. Here it was soaking wet, dark with heavy shade, and then I hit the ice. ICE! I didn't see any all day and here was a giant patch across the road. I figured I'd ride it since it had to be slushy. ha ha ha Yeah right. It wasn't. I caught myself just a moment before falling into the rushing swollen creek that the road runs beside. The next ice patch I was smarter. I got off and walked. After getting off that road I was back out in the sun and warmth of the day. I ended up riding a little too hard and a little too long for what I had planned, but it was awesome and just what I needed. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come. Old Phil said it'd be an early Spring. Just not sure how early that is though. I doubt today, but it was nice anyway.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007


All is right with the world. Ahhh... I think I just needed a shower. Sunday I got a shower after my ride. Monday morning as it was freezing when I woke up due to the lack of heat neither Marc nor I took one, we just got dressed and went on our way. No problem right. Just one day. Then came Tuesday morning.
I get up and turn the shower on to heat up and brush my teeth then I check the shower and it's still cold. mmmm So I do something else, and check again, still cold. At this point I'm running out of time, so I quickly wash my hair and tell Marc there's no hot water and I leave for work. A couple hours later I get a call from Marc. Turns out when we ran out of propane our pilot went out on the hot water heater. Great.
So last night I come home and I ride, thinking I'll get a shower shortly when Marc gets home to light the pilot. Then I had to go to guitar. Yeah I was funky. But hey, what ya gonna do. I had to ride. So I piled on deodorant and changed into fresh clothes and headed off. When I get home Marc is in the basement reading the instructions. Turns out they're not real easy to follow and there's only about a billion warnings you could kill yourself. So we get more and more nervous. After numerous phone calls trying to get a hold of someone that could give us some kind of guidance, Marc reaches Tom. Yeah! So Tom walked us through it. Finally we got it lit and it started working. Unfortunately water doesn't heat up immediately, so off to bed we went.
This morning it was great. I got up and turned on the hot water and there it was. I filled the bathroom with steam, ahhhh so refreshing. I've been in a better mood all day.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Cold and Tired

Sunday 8pm - go to bed early because I don't feel good and want to be well rested.
12:45am- fire alarm goes off. Takes another 15min to track down which one, replace the battery and then another half hour to get back to sleep. So much for a good nights rest.
4am- alarm goes off to get up and go to work. Notice it's unusually cold. Check the thermostat and notice it's only 58 degrees. Crap, no heat!
4:15am- go in the basement to see if pilot is still lit. However, I don't know what that looks like. mmmm
4:20am- decide it's not the pilot, maybe we're out of propane?
4:25am- out in the backyard with a flashlight digging up the propane tank so I can check the gauge, which I shortly found to read zero!
4:30am- finally leave for work, while Marc calls for emergency fill up.
4:45am- receive call from Marc, the gas company is not doing emergency runs due to weather and call back after 8am. So basically screw you.
7:00am- Marc calls and tells me that the house smells of gas, so he's taking the dogs to his parents. Great, the dogs will be ok, but maybe no house when we get home.
8:15am- Marc calls and says they're coming out sometime today, but didn't ask why they didn't fill it last week when they were in the neighborhood. Also, that they said they'd fill it today, but they're going to turn the gas off and we'll have to turn it back on and he didn't get instructions on how to do this.
9am- I call myself, woman tells me the guy was supposed to come Friday, but just didn't. They don't know why, so he'll be around some time today. Nice. She did give me instructions on how to turn the gas back on though.
2:15pm- I get home and check the tank and it's full and gas is turned off. I turn it back on, go in the house and turn on the heater and nothing! Oh no! I wait a few minutes and finally, WE HAVE HEAT!!!!
I'm hoping to get a better nights sleep tonight.