Friday, June 22, 2007

Pink Problem
A couple of months ago I started messing around in the cave when climbing. At first it took everything I had to just keep myself actually having both hands and both feet attached to something upside down without falling off. Then slowly I tried moving around grabbing anything I could so I could still stay glued to the ceiling. After a while I actually started a problem, the pink problem. This problem starts on the back wall of the cave, then goes along the ceiling until you reach the outer lip, then you have to get out, up and over the top and top out. Sounds easy right, ha ha ha ha.
So I've been working on this problem little by little. Each time we climb I give it a couple shots, work on different pieces of it. Then about 2 weeks ago I had a breakthrough. I started a quarter of the way in and I finally completed the problem. This is the first time I was able to actually get out and over the top. I was so happy. So I decided to work on the first part again so I could put it all together. This is when I learned that they were shortly taking it down and rerouting it. Oh no!
This has been a work in progress for so long, I couldn't loose it now. So I asked when they were taking it down and tried to talk them into leaving it up a little longer. I had 1 week. This past week we manged to go fairly regularly. Each time I worked diligently on the pink problem. Knowing it was coming down any day. I finally managed get through the beginning without putting my feet down. Then I made from the start all the way to the lip. But by the time I got there I was so tired I couldn't top out. Afterwards I just layed on the mat waiting until my Popeye arms deflated so I could try again.
Last night was my last shot. My shoulders were already sore before even starting. My hands immediately stung as I grabbed the first hold. Probably from overuse, but hey, one last shot. I am now able to make it through the first part smoothly. Knowing exactly there I need to pivot and reposition. I tangled up for a moment in the middle just trying to collect myself as my hands seared with pain. But on I moved. From one hold to the next. As I reached the lip my arms felt like tight bands. They didn't want to give anymore. I tried to just push through. I got my feet over to the wall and I fumble. I forgot where I needed to go. As I try to figure it out, my fingers give out. Down I came. Damn!
I tried a couple of moves right from the end to figure out where I went wrong. It only took a moment to see my mistake. But it was too late. My muscles were too fatigued. The pink problem has eluded me. It will be gone by the next time I am able to get up there. I am sad, but I gave it my all & came so close.

This is an old picture of me in the cave. Back when we still had the beatiful red right hand hold. It was taken down and replaced with a very slippery blue one, which caused me and Racheal much grief for a long time.