Friday, February 16, 2007

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

When I came home the other night I saw this as I went to enter my bedroom. mmmm?

I followed it around, into the bedroom, around the dresser, and then I realized it was a roll of toilet paper. It just kept going....

Finally at the other end I found the remainder of the roll in the bathroom.

I quickly turned around and called for Riley and Layla to see who was the culprit. Riley was there in a snap. Meanwhile I had to go looking for Layla. I found her hovering at the bottom of the stairs and she wouldn't look at me.

Hummm, who do you think did it???

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I Heart Climbing

I have had a rough week or so. I already hate winter. So nothing much going on. It's cold and blah and I don't get out as much as I'd like because it's so miserably cold outside. Then I got sick a week ago. It came on kinda slow, thought I'd be ok, but alas, I succumbed to a week of snot, sore throat and low grade fever. Lack of sleep also accompanies these symptoms, which seems to make a week last forever. So anyway as of yesterday and several boxes of tissues I am better.
I thought ah, what a nice day to finally be feeling better. Right? Well turned out to be the day from hell. I was so mad and upset by yesterday evening that I hated all people. That is until last night when we met up with Marc, Christian, Wes and his friend Genia and we went bouldering. All my worries of the day just melted away. It was so awesome! I love climbing. We had done a little bit of climbing years ago when visiting a friend who had lived up near the Philly Rock Gym. But it was a haul and he no longer lived up there, so we stopped going. That is until last week when we met up Wes, a couple of his friends and Rob at a new gym not too far from home.
This time no ropes. We've been strictly bouldering. It's been so much fun. Last week I was sick, but I went anyway. I had a lot of fun, but paid for it the rest of the week as I ached and think it took my cold for a turn for the worst. This week was better. Felt a little more comfortable. Though I still panic when I get too high, or just think I'm high. I fell once and held on for dear life dangling around, tore up my knuckle, skinned my forearm, bruised my butt and drug my back down the wall as I finally released, and it turned out I was only about 3 feet off the ground. Yeah, I'm a chicken. After that little incident Wes's friend Genia showed me how to fall correctly. Genia is great. She is so nice. Wes has some of the nicest friends. She is so friendly and helpful. She was giving me tips on how I could do things and move to make things easier. She was great.
I would like to say that the euphoria of climbing held over until today, but it did not. As I drove home my stress slowly crept back in. As I tried to sleep last night my mind raced with the problems I had to deal with today. But at least I found a little reprieve and I guess I don't hate all people.