Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Book for Monkey

I used to be a snoop when it came to Christmas presents. Curiosity would get the best of me and I just couldn't take it. My sister and I would hunt through the house looking for presents. Then my parents caught on and started locking them up. So we resorted to unwrapping and re-wrapping the gifts. They caught on to this as well and my dad would take hours to painstakingly wrap the gifts so precise and with as little tape as possible, so any extra crease or added tape would be noticed.
When Marc and I started living together I carried on my snooping until I realized it was just too easy, the game was over. He never hid what he got me very good, if at all, and then the surprise would be ruined. Not that the surprise wasn't ruined before, but the stealthness just made it so much fun. So then I'd bug him and ask him questions to get hints of what it was, anything to peak my curiosity. But he'd practically tell me. So again, I had to stop this as well. Eventually he broke me of my snooping and questioning and now it's too the point that if I think he's about to tell me something, I tell him "stop, don't tell me, I don't want to know".
Well this year Marc not only kept it a secret, but he managed to totally surprise me. I did get some bike stuff, which I figured I would as he was just asking too many questions about what I was thinking of getting. However, the other part to my gift was a book. Not just any book, but an actual hardback book written and put together by him. It's a photo documentary of my season this year. It is the coolest thing ever. He said it took him 2 weeks to put together. He would stay up after I went to bed and work on it. If I popped back downstairs or into the room, he said he'd have to quickly change screens to hide it. I just thought he was telling me to go to bed early because I looked tired and needed some extra sleep, but apparently I was just in the way.
Anyway, Marc got it done and said he had a terrible time waiting to give it to me, but he managed without a peep. It it the coolest, most creative, most thoughtful one ever. He's so awesome! And who would have thought he could have topped the envelope full of money he gave me last year (yes, that really was my present).