Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy New Year!

It's a beautiful new year. I've been MIA for a while. The holidays were absolutely exhausting. I enjoy them, but I don't know. Sometimes I think they're too much work. Ugh!

We brought in the new year with Ethan, Meg, Jen and Rik. We had a very slow dinner at some cheese and wine place. I'm not so much into wine. But the cheese was good. They had good food too. Towards the end they gave out party favors. We chose horns and noise makers. We had hats and these alien ball things. Marc hates noise makers. So yeah, we made a lot of noise. It was fun.

I've never really been much into making New Year resolutions. Everyone always makes them and shortly breaks them. But this year I decided to make a few.

1. ride more, try to take less breaks. (but oh I love those breaks)
2. loose the 7.5 lbs I gained in Dec.
3. if I can accomplish #2 then work on the other 5 lbs I gained throughout the rest of 2007.
Yeah, I know, they're nothing ground breaking. But hey, they're goals and right now I need some of those. I'm feeling a little lost with my regimented cross season over. I took a huge break and now I'm ready to get going again. Just trying to figure out where I'm headed.

Other than those I'm keeping it simple. Try to have fun with whatever I'm doing, keep working on being more laid back and just enjoy life.
Happy 2008!