Friday, March 07, 2008

In The Dark

These are some of the things I smelled, heard or saw on last night's urban ride. Most of them are smelt and heard as it was dark and I could pretty much only see Marc's ass.

  • exhaust fumes
  • spring peepers
  • labored breathing
  • wind
  • cigars
  • kids
  • laundry detergent
  • steak
  • bunnies (lots of them)
  • steak (ok we went back past, it smelt too good)
  • beer

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Spring Is Good

Ok, it's not really Spring yet. But things are already starting to get better. Yeah, it's probably a tease, as that's what March is, a big fat tease. But hey I'll take it. I need anything to break the doldrums of January and February. Don't get me wrong, I kept myself busy and I've been able to ride more than most winters as it's been more mild. But it's just not the same as Spring. Something changes as everything comes alive. Though the flower and trees aren't alive yet, people are starting to show signs.
Last night we went to a show in Philly. It was held in a little basement of a church. We saw Jonathan Rice and Matt Costa. It was great. We got there a little late and were way back at the end of the line and the show was General Admission. But once we got in people seemed to have disappeared and we got a fairly good spot. According to Marc they were all in line for the bathroom. Anyway, the show opened with Jonathan Rice, which I've never heard before. He's a one man band. Just him and his acoustic guitar. He was a super laid back hippie, and super funny. Than Matt Costa came on. He was very solid. Apparently from talking to the very talkative and informative girl next to me there is a new album that I didn't know about, so he had a bunch of new material. She kept telling me his line up as it was the same from the Brooklyn show she saw a few nights prior. So yeah, she's scary, she's following him. Anyway, the old songs were great, the new songs were great and way more rocking, to Marc's great pleasure, and he was way more talkative than the last time we saw him 2 years ago. In the middle of one song he started to choke and had to stop and start over. He apologized as he drank his beer to sooth his throat so he could continue. It was funny. I always wondered what would happen or if that ever happened to anyone while performing. In all the years of seeing shows that was the first time I've seen someone choke in the middle of a song. Now I know. Another cool aspect was his crowd was very much on the young side. So that made it much easier for me to see for a change since many of them haven't hit their growth spurt yet. That worked out to my advantage. I hate when I get some big huge 6 ft something guy that always ends up standing right in front of me. That sucks.
All in all it was a great show. Small and intimate, which is a nice change of pace from the giant venues.It was great to get out, even though I had to go to work today on 3 1/2hrs of sleep. I've been a little on edge all day. But it'll be ok. Just took a nap and already feeling better. I'm looking forward to what comes next.