Saturday, September 09, 2006

Happy Birthday FFA!

Yesterday was Amy's 30th birthday. We all got together for dinner at La Tolteca to celebrate her big day. There was much food, many more drinks and a mariachi band. After dinner we met up with some more folks and had more drinks, clothes came off, boobs were flashed, crit races, crashes and maybe a broken toe; basically just plain fun. Happy Birthday Amy, may you have many more.

Good company, good food, and great drinks.

Roger pimping the disco/cowboy shirt.

Marc and John enjoying the mariachi band as the sing Happy Birthday to Amy.
Here Rick and Jen are enjoying a beautiful serenade. Don't they look happy.

This one is for Roger. He loved that the guy had a sign on his guitar asking for tips.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Rain Rain Go Away...

I hate the rain. This weather sucks. Last week it wasn't so bad because we needed the rain. Then there was the hurricane, so ok, it's that time of year and this is really the first one we've had. But now I'm ready for it to stop. Tuesday's are Roger and Me rides. We go on early morning mountain bike rides before work. It's been great. But the past couple weeks we've been getting rained out. It sucks.
Since my ride was cancelled I went to the gym and ran. I ran. I am not a runner. Not even close. I hate running. It hurts every single step. But I figured if I'm even contemplating cross I should run at least a little.
I really don't know how so many people run and they seem to enjoy it. They talk about runners high and what not. I do not come anywhere close to experiencing anything close to a high; a little nausea maybe.
Marc commented today that he doesn't know how I can run without my IPod or something to distract me. I find there is no distraction. All I can manage is complete concentration to keep from tripping over my own feet and to keep my breathing some what below full out hyperventilation. I have to bargain with myself each lap I make around the track that it will all be over soon as long as I keep moving forward.
Marc also commented on how it's hard to go back to the gym after running on the trails because there is so much more to see. However, all I can think when I'm running on trails is how much nicer it would be to be on my bike. Hopefully that will be soon.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Happy Labor Day

"We've had 4 million people come this summer and not one mugging yet." This was the greeting we had from a traffic cop in Camden this past weekend when went up to the Tweeter Center to see a show. Reassuring huh.
On a more cheerful note. Spent the afternoon with my family today. Here's my nephew, Jake. He's 3 years old. He's starting soccer next weekend. He was showing us all his moves.

Here's a more recent picture of Justin. As you can see, no more mullet.