Saturday, September 02, 2006

Wrestlers Are Born Not Made

I received a couple emails from my sister this week regarding my nephew, Justin. Justin just started in the 1 year old classroom Monday. As you will see he's adjusting nicely. These made me laugh my ass off.
First email:
So last night the daycare girl said, "oh, the teacher told me to tell you Justin in Bullying the other kids" she had no other info... Today I come in to find out he's been running up, tackling the other kids and laying on top of them and not letting them up...Even when they cry. The teacher who was telling me kinda laughed and said "it's like he's wrestling.." Always nice to get a good report...
Second email:
Another report last night.... "Justin had to be redirected several times today for laying on top of his friends and holding them down by their necks" "Just wrestling" In other words, they see he's just playing but it's still something to work on...

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Driving in the City

Today we went to Philly to pick up Marc and Wes’s cross frames from Ryan. Marc printed up the directions and then we were off. I drove. I never drive in the city. It’s not that I’m afraid to drive in the city. I don’t care, a street is a street. However, Marc hates when I drive in the city. He yells at me the entire time.
“I said left, not right, you’re other right!”
“Are you gonna tailgate this guy all day?”
Of course there were the times I got us really really lost in VT and then again in NYC and I’m sure another time. So for the sake of time and sanity, it’s rare that I drive on road trips. But today I drove. Marc was a bundle of nerves the entire time, but we got there ok. I followed his directions to a tee and even maneuvered on the very narrow streets without hitting anything.
After picking up the frames Marc took over driving. He couldn’t take it anymore. We decided we’d head over to Manayunk for lunch. He asked Ryan for directions. They were simple, no problem and we headed off.
We managed to get to Kelly Drive and then all of a sudden we were off it. Marc was asking where it went. I said over there, pointing in the other direction. Crap, no we’re lost. We ended up on this long road with no exits, finally we get turned around. We’re headed back where we came trying to find where we missed our turn. We missed it again and we’re headed back into downtown. Marc sees a Guy’s Bicycle guy riding and says; hey we’ll stop and ask him. I said not to bother him, we’d find our way, the cyclist had a good pace going and I didn’t want to interrupt it for us being lost. As we get closer we think we recognize him. We drive by and realize it’s Bryant. Yes! What are the odds? So Bryant stops and we ask him to direct us in the right direction. He tells us he just came from Manayunk and no problem he’ll show us the way. He proceeds to ride in front of us, directing us until we get to the turn off. He’s awesome.
So we made it to Manayunk. We ate at this place called, Thai Bistro. It was awesome. My meal had tofu, which is a whole different story. Overall good day.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Snakes On A Plane

Just in hearing the title you think, wow that's going to be bad. When I saw the very brief trailer a few months ago I thought, wow that's going to be bad. So when I received the call from Jamie saying he wanted to get a group together to go see this movie, I was a bit skeptical. Marc quickly said no way, I don't like scary movies. Jamie says, no it's not scary, it's supposed to be like a Rocky Horror. So we agreed.
The movie started off ok. There was a plot. Not a great plot, very predictable, but at least it had one. Then as the action started picking up and the snakes make themselves known to the passengers all hell breaks loose. Though it did have it's moments that made you jump, there were far more that made you laugh out loud. For instance the snake that clamps down on the nipple of a naked chick trying to become part of the mile high club. Another was when a guy is relieving himself and there's a snake in the toilet, of course what did the snake lunge for.
Overall the movie wasn't bad. Definitely not a must see. But it was entertaining. Don't waste your money on seeing it in the theater. But is it amusing enough to rent when it comes out on video.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

One F'ing Gear

Marc proudly declares this often. He loves his single speed, or shall I say single speeds. It seems more and more people are riding them all the time. I however am not. I like my gears. I like that when I get to a tough climb I can shift down and make it up. Or if I'm going downhill I can shift up and continue to pick up speed instead of spinning out. However, yesterday was all about the single speed. It was the annual Single Speed Rally in Philly.
I was not planning on attending as I do not ride single speed, nor completely understand why those that do. But it sounded like it was going to be an interestingly good time. So I managed to fine a spot in the car and we headed off.
Lots of guys showed up with some girls sprinkled here and there. The main congregating spot was under a tunel in the woods. There everyone took some time to converse with fellow single speeders and partake of some fine beverage before taking off for another lap. A good time was had by all.

The magic tunnel.

How do you like this custom bottle, er flask, holder?

I love dogs, so I had to get a picture of this one. Unforetunately, he wouldn't stay still long enough for me to get anything but a shot of his ass.

Jamie and Fitzy enjoying the festivities.

Buddy is very excited, two of his favorite things, bikes and beer.