Thursday, February 01, 2007

Where will you be at Midnight on 7/21?
It's finally been set. Saturday July 21st the 7th and final book in the Harry Potter series will be released. Many bookstores are already taking pre-orders. Borders actually sent me a pre-order request a couple weeks ago. Which I found very odd as there was still no release date at the time. But now there is. So pre-order away if you want to be assured you will be one of the ones to get one on release day.
I will say. I did not pre-order book 5 and I did manage to find one the same day it was released. It take several trips to several different stores. But after some hunting we did find an ample supply at Walmart.
For book 6, I wasn't taking any chances and I pre-ordered with Borders. This is one of the few stores that was releasing the book at midnight. So yes, I was one of the goofy people out there standing in line for what seemed like forever to get my book. And though all I could do is go home and go straight to bed, it was still worth it, because as soon as I woke up on Saturday morning I could begin reading instead of heading out to the store to pick up mine.
This may sound a little obsessive. However, it's not that I can't wait to read it. Well actually I can't. I do want to find out how this whole thing plays out. But also, I hate spoilers. I can't stand all the rumors about what is going to happen. Or the people who say they got a hold of the manuscript and leak out what is supposedly about to occur. Whether it be true or false, it just spoils it. I want to read it as it comes and not know something might be coming up.
Shortly before book 6 was released there were a ton of rumors about Dumbledore dieing. I figured no way, she can't kill Dumbledore, he's a vital character. But low and behold damn if they weren't right and Dumbledore was killed. Now the rumor is that Dumbledore really is alive. However, Rowlings has squashed that one and said no, Dumbledore really is dead. And no one can come back from being dead. She has been consistent in that. Except for Voldemort of course. But he never really died either due to the horcruxes.
So on July 13th the 5th movie "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" will be released. And on Saturday July 21st the final book, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" will be released. It's going to be a very Harry July. His fate will soon be known.