Thursday, August 24, 2006


I have been thinking a lot about priorities lately. There are numerous different types of priorities. There are the basics on a high level, health, happiness, relationships, food, and shelter. Then there are those which we choose to make priorities, such as our hobbies, cycling, playing guitar, skateboarding, blogging, etc…
When we were younger there were priorities and then there were responsibilities. The two did not often coincide. We needed to go to class, but if the weather was nice, then hanging out or going for a ride might end up winning out. Same went with food. We were broke, living on barely anything, but it was a choice between going out for the weekend or eating all week, then going out would win. Ramon Noodles became a staple. We had a one bedroom apartment with no furniture, yet we each had two bikes (mtb and road) and raced incessantly. If it was a choice between buying a couch or a bike, then the bike won every time.
As time went on and we advanced in our careers things became easier financially. We eventually were able to buy our first home. We moved in and realized we still had no furniture. Yet the garage and basement was completely packed with bikes and bike related items. We now had too many bikes to count. We now had cyclocross bikes, road bikes, numerous mtb’s and inherited a few spare frames. It was out of control. Reluctantly Marc began selling off some unused bikes and we finally bought some furniture. We went the Ikea rout; lots of furniture for a little money. It may not last long, but you don’t feel so bad replacing it after only a few years when you didn’t pay much in the first place.
Now we’re in our second home. We’ve been here about 3 years now. I’m down to 2 bikes as I took a long cycling hiatus. Marc however has 5 or 6, I’m not even sure. When we first moved in we bought some home improvement items as we now had more space to fill. After a while the newness wore off and we settled into normal day to day activities. About a week or so ago we were driving along and I brought up the fact that we haven’t gotten any new furniture for the house. Our stuff is getting old and rickety and needs to be replaced. At first he said we haven’t had the money. I reminded him that he got 4 new frames in the past two years. He was like, yeah ok, we’ll get some new stuff once we get a little more breathing room and get ahead more; maybe next Spring. I said ok, no problem. We’ve already waited this long, what’s a few more months. Then today I get the call from Marc, “Hey babe, so I’m getting a new frame. Don’t worry I’ve got all the parts”.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Road Trip

This past weekend 10 of us loaded up and headed down to VA for 18 Hours on the Farm. You never know what you are going to get when you go to one of these events. I've been to some where we have stayed in condo's with a washer and dryer, kitchen, showers, and hot tubs. And I've camped at others where the bathroom is an upside down pail with the bottom cut out and a toilet seat attached over a giant hole in the ground. So of course going down I knew we were camping, so always prepare for the worst and hope for the best.
Luckily I was pleasantly surprised. The race took place on a boyscout reservation. Unlike the one with the pail for toilets, which was also a scout reservation, this one had a castle with a pool, a fort with showers, there were teepee's and nice flat camping areas. The bathrooms had electricity, and even ac.
Somehow I think the VA scouts are much happier than those in Northern Jersey.

After getting set up, the guys relax some before the race.

The race began a little differently then most endurance events. No Le Mans style start here. Instead they had a lead out and then a shot gun start. Only in the South.

Marc gets ready to go out on his first of many night laps.

Man cannot live on food alone. Here Amy is preparing herself a little sustenance to get us through the night. This must have really helped out because at 4am she decided to head out for a night lap of her own.

Les is so fast his shorts just disintergrated from the heat.

Wes took a break from recuperating up in State College to come down and help out. It was great to see him again. He was awesome. He wrenched, he cooked, and made some mean chicken.

After 18 hrs and 23laps, Buddy was ecstatic to be done.

After packing up we hit the road and stop for some bar-b-que southern style at the Smoky Pig. No vegetarians here.