Saturday, December 02, 2006

Harry Potter to Curious George

Back in the Spring my sister and her kids were over the house for dinner. I was trying to cook something that wasn't going too well, so dinner wasn't exactly on time. In order to help keep the kids entertained we turned on the TV and in flipping through the channels we happened upon Harry Potter. My nephew Jake, who was not quite 3 at the time, sat mezmorized watching the movie. From that day forward he loved Harry Potter and he wanted to watch it constantly.
My sister doesn't really like him watching too much TV, so I figured I'd try to help and burn Jake the soundtrack so he could listen to it instead of watching the movie all the time. Well, the CD turned out to be a little bit of a challenge at first. He was very excited when Jen announced that they'd get to listen to Harry on the way to school in the car. She popped the disc in and the music started and Jake asked very confused, "where's Harry". He wasn't putting it together that a CD is different then a DVD and he wanted to know where the screen was. Jen tried to explain it to him and he eventually understood. He then would ask to listen to his music Aunt Di got him all the time, to and from school. Plus, he still wanted to watch the movie when he got home. So now my poor sister, who doesn't even like Harry Potter, is totally encased in it. She couldn't escape it. She started telling fibs to Jake that she forgot his music at home when they'd be on the way to school, but then mysteriously she'd play it on the way home. He never questioned it.
Last week I figured that the Harry music was such a hit that I'd burn him another CD. This time it was Jack Johnson and Friends from the Curious George soundtrack. Jake had never heard of Curious George. It was just the music, I didn't give him a movie nor did he see it. I just told him I had some more music for him.
The other day I get a call from Jen and I asked is she had played Jake's new CD yet. She replied with "oh, yes". Apparently they were on the way to school and she had popped in his new music and Jake says out of no where, "mommy, I think I want Santa to bring me the Curious George movie for Christmas". I think I'm ruining my nephew. Now he thinks all music have a movie that go with them. Jen hasn't banned me from giving him any more music yet though. She said at least it's better than the music they actually make for kids. She said she got one once a while back, popped it in one day and about lost her mind listening to "the wheels on the bus". She said that one got lost really quick.

(222 days until Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix)

Friday, December 01, 2006

Secret Santa

I had to run some errands today after work. At work we're doing this secret Santa thing where not only do you not know who you are receiving the gift from, but you also don't know who you are giving it to. This has made it a little hard to shop. I do have a little to go on, as a couple weeks ago we all had to send in a list of 3 things we like and one thing we don't. The first time we did this we all sent in actual items we like and dislike as we thought it was going to be a secret Santa thing. Then we were told that wasn't what we were doing and we were to put our actual likes and dislikes. It was going to be part of some kind of get to know your co-workers thing. So we all re-dis it and then found out it was a secret Santa thing, only now we all have these really crazy lists. When they gave me my person I got a list that said they like to travel, cook and work in the yard and they dislike coconut. So I've been wracking my brain as to what to get.
After some discussion with a couple of my co-workers (which we weren't supposed to be doing) we decided a cook book would be a good idea. So I headed off to Borders. I haven't been there for a while, so I was looking forward to going. Upon entering the store I glanced briefly at the new release table before heading over to the cooking section. I stopped dead in my tracks. To my surprise the new release was a new Michael Crichton book. I stopped and picked it up. I love his books. I first read one of his books by accident. I had picked up "Rising Sun" when I was looking for "A Raisin In the Sun". I've been hooked ever since.
So after grabbing the book I head off again towards the cooking section. I keep glancing at the new release tables as I go by and I see another book that sparks my interest. Now I have two books for me and none for my person. All I can hear in my head is my mom saying "you're supposed to be shopping for other people not yourself". I'm the worst Christmas shopper.
Finally I make it to the cooking section and I peruse through the numerous books. Everything looks so complicated. I realize this is harder than I thought. Me being a non-cooking person, I found it very difficult to pick out a cookbook for someone who likes to cook. I finally settled on a cookbook that looks like it has some interesting things, but nothing too overly complicated that real people wouldn't make it at home. Also it was on the sale table so that was a plus as it turns out cook books are quite expensive, and I have a budget I have to keep within. It must be all those pictures. I also found a recipe book to go with it. So now with the two books for my person and the two for myself I decide to check out as I still have another stop.
Next stop, Home Depot. I had a little left I the budget so I wanted to try to touch on the working in the yard like. I decided to try to find something plant like. As it's winter there isn't really too much in the way of out doors stuff available, but I did find this cute bulb thing that's in a vase and it grows into a pretty Christmas flower. So I figured that would do the trick. They can take care of something indoors, since they can't work outdoors.
So my shopping is done now (for secret Santa, not my actual Christmas shopping), and I think I didn't do too bad considering what I had to go on. I do feel bad for the poor person that ended up with me though. I put down my likes as riding my bike, playing my guitar, and summertime. And my dislike as cold weather. Yeah, they're hating me about now.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Getting In the Holiday Spirit

Last night Amy, Les, Kathleen, Marc and I went to stroll around Longwood Gardens along with about a billion other people checking out their holiday lighting, ice show, and Christmas displays in the Conservatory. It was festive.

Here are a bunch of pictures of what we saw. Our camera isn't really made for these type of shots, so they don't really do it justice.

Les and Kathleen.

Marc sitting in a bush waiting on the ice show to start. We had a great spot until the guy made us all sit on the ground. Marc ended up in a bush. An English Speading Yew matter of fact.

This was the fountain of lights show. This is Amy's favorite. She stood right up front in awe.

These are actually lit to look like flowers. It was really pretty. Bigger it looks a better.

This was just a lot of blue.

Tab, I thought of you when I saw this one. It has the ruby slippers and the yellowbrick road is made of flowers.

Isn't this pretty. This was the main entrance into the Conservatory.

I liked this tree. It was in the cacti room. I liked the cacti room. It was the only one that where I could breath. My allergies were killing me with all the flowers. But they were so pretty.

More flowers.
Happy Thanksgiving!

We had Thanksgiving with my family this year. Herer's the turkey. I usually don't care for turkey, but this one was really good. mmmm

Marc and Jake relaxing on the couch after dinner.

My nephew's Justin and Jake.

My parent's dog, Nikki. She walks on her back legs and smiles an evil little grin. It's really weird.