Saturday, December 02, 2006

Harry Potter to Curious George

Back in the Spring my sister and her kids were over the house for dinner. I was trying to cook something that wasn't going too well, so dinner wasn't exactly on time. In order to help keep the kids entertained we turned on the TV and in flipping through the channels we happened upon Harry Potter. My nephew Jake, who was not quite 3 at the time, sat mezmorized watching the movie. From that day forward he loved Harry Potter and he wanted to watch it constantly.
My sister doesn't really like him watching too much TV, so I figured I'd try to help and burn Jake the soundtrack so he could listen to it instead of watching the movie all the time. Well, the CD turned out to be a little bit of a challenge at first. He was very excited when Jen announced that they'd get to listen to Harry on the way to school in the car. She popped the disc in and the music started and Jake asked very confused, "where's Harry". He wasn't putting it together that a CD is different then a DVD and he wanted to know where the screen was. Jen tried to explain it to him and he eventually understood. He then would ask to listen to his music Aunt Di got him all the time, to and from school. Plus, he still wanted to watch the movie when he got home. So now my poor sister, who doesn't even like Harry Potter, is totally encased in it. She couldn't escape it. She started telling fibs to Jake that she forgot his music at home when they'd be on the way to school, but then mysteriously she'd play it on the way home. He never questioned it.
Last week I figured that the Harry music was such a hit that I'd burn him another CD. This time it was Jack Johnson and Friends from the Curious George soundtrack. Jake had never heard of Curious George. It was just the music, I didn't give him a movie nor did he see it. I just told him I had some more music for him.
The other day I get a call from Jen and I asked is she had played Jake's new CD yet. She replied with "oh, yes". Apparently they were on the way to school and she had popped in his new music and Jake says out of no where, "mommy, I think I want Santa to bring me the Curious George movie for Christmas". I think I'm ruining my nephew. Now he thinks all music have a movie that go with them. Jen hasn't banned me from giving him any more music yet though. She said at least it's better than the music they actually make for kids. She said she got one once a while back, popped it in one day and about lost her mind listening to "the wheels on the bus". She said that one got lost really quick.

(222 days until Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix)


Anonymous said...

Harry Rules!! WOOOHOOO!

Ahem, sorry. I'm going to go hide my calendar so no one can know that I've been crossing the days off until the next movie.


sad said...

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