Thursday, May 17, 2007

A girl I work with told me about this game she just got, Fish Tycoon. The premise is that on the island of Isola something terrible happened that messed up the environmental balance and all the fish died. So you have to find the right balance, grow more fish, find the 7 magic fish and repopulate the island. In order to finance your mission you have to sell fish along the way along with caring for them and doing environmental testing to get the right balance so all the fish can survive.
I thought this sounded cute. kinda like a fishy version of Sims. I love Sims, but had to quit because it was soaking up way too much of my time. I was obsessed. I played it constantly and couldn't walk away. But I figured this sounded more simple, it'd be something I could just mess with. Wrong, I started it yesterday and aside from some time to eat (which Marc had to keep saying "we have to leave, are you almost ready?") and playing a little guitar, I've been glued to the computer. Obviously whether it's people or fish, I can't play these type games.