Saturday, May 26, 2007

I Love Puppies and Chicken

Had a busy day yesterday. Got up, made a list and then just started going through them and checking them off. One of them was my friend Fahey was bringing over her new puppy to show me. Her name is Natalia. She is a 16 week old Great Dane. She already weighs 36 pounds and is almost as tall as Riley, who is a 6 year old lab who weighs 86 pounds. She's so cute!
Riley and Natalia playing together.
Later in the afternoon met up with Amy for a ride. It was blazing hot and humid. After 2 hard days of riding, I wasn't sure how this was going to go. We tried to take as many shaded trails as possible stay out of the fields of fire. Unfortunately, though we had shade, we also had thick humid heavy air that just hung with no breeze. And yes I complained a lot. But it was fun.
Even better was after the ride when Amy pulled out some left over Walt's chicken she had brought. It was so good.

See I'm smiling. mmm...Amy had a little frothy beverage to wash hers down too.

All gone.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Sunday was Granogue. I spent most of the day here doing registration. For some reason there seemed to be a different weather system under the tent. It was cold and windy all day. We took turns standing off to the side in the sun trying to gain warmth.

Jan was my table buddy at registration. He runs a tight ship. Don't mess with an angry German.

Liz and Wes. It was great to see her.

Once registration was over I was able to catch FFA finishing up the enduro race. 2nd place. Way to go Amy!

This was the only riding Marc was able to get in. Riding back and forth from registration to the top of the Coppenburg keeping everything running smoothly.

Dennis got 2nd in his race. Figured I'd take a picture of him, since he always takes pictures of all of us.

Amy and her new toy. A marshmallow blow gun. How cool is that!
Paul was able to turn it into a machine gun with his powerful lungs.

This must be the largest podium I've ever seen.

I don't know who's dog this was, but he was so cute. And yes, he only has 3 legs. He got along like a champ.
However when I was trying to catch him to take his picture, Jan said "like it's that hard, he only has 3 legs".