Friday, March 02, 2007

Spring Is Here!

Well not really. But it sure does feel like it today. Wow is it a nice change. When I went to work this morning it was pouring. I even had to take an alternate route due to flooding. I figured another night on the trainer, ick! But as the day went on I noticed it starting to clear. I didn't think much of it until I walked outside and the wind hit me in the face. I braced myself for the shocking cold, only to find a nice warmth instead. mmm This is a nice surprise, I thought it was supposed to be crappy into tomorrow sometime. I checked the temperature when I got to my car. 62 degrees! OK, that's it, the race was on to get home and get on the bike. Luckily I hit very little traffic. I checked out the roads and they looked dry, yeah! I got home, changed super quick and took off. I was determined to soak up as much warmth as I could.
It was amazing. I just kept on riding further and further away from home and didn't even care. It was great. I didn't have to dress like the Michelin man for a change too, so I felt nice and light. It makes such a difference. I did make one mistake. As I got down to Newark I decided to go down Creek Road. Yeah, I should have known better just by the name being Creek Road that it might still be wet. Well wet is actually an understatement. It had streams running across the road. Where everywhere else was sunny and dry. Here it was soaking wet, dark with heavy shade, and then I hit the ice. ICE! I didn't see any all day and here was a giant patch across the road. I figured I'd ride it since it had to be slushy. ha ha ha Yeah right. It wasn't. I caught myself just a moment before falling into the rushing swollen creek that the road runs beside. The next ice patch I was smarter. I got off and walked. After getting off that road I was back out in the sun and warmth of the day. I ended up riding a little too hard and a little too long for what I had planned, but it was awesome and just what I needed. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come. Old Phil said it'd be an early Spring. Just not sure how early that is though. I doubt today, but it was nice anyway.


megA said...

oh my, now i am jealous.

37 and a rain/sleet/ice mis up here on friday. it did buy us a two-hour delay, so i guess i can't complain, but 62?

i think i would've gone to school on time for a 62 degree day--we won't see that for another month.


sad said...

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