Monday, February 26, 2007

Cold and Tired

Sunday 8pm - go to bed early because I don't feel good and want to be well rested.
12:45am- fire alarm goes off. Takes another 15min to track down which one, replace the battery and then another half hour to get back to sleep. So much for a good nights rest.
4am- alarm goes off to get up and go to work. Notice it's unusually cold. Check the thermostat and notice it's only 58 degrees. Crap, no heat!
4:15am- go in the basement to see if pilot is still lit. However, I don't know what that looks like. mmmm
4:20am- decide it's not the pilot, maybe we're out of propane?
4:25am- out in the backyard with a flashlight digging up the propane tank so I can check the gauge, which I shortly found to read zero!
4:30am- finally leave for work, while Marc calls for emergency fill up.
4:45am- receive call from Marc, the gas company is not doing emergency runs due to weather and call back after 8am. So basically screw you.
7:00am- Marc calls and tells me that the house smells of gas, so he's taking the dogs to his parents. Great, the dogs will be ok, but maybe no house when we get home.
8:15am- Marc calls and says they're coming out sometime today, but didn't ask why they didn't fill it last week when they were in the neighborhood. Also, that they said they'd fill it today, but they're going to turn the gas off and we'll have to turn it back on and he didn't get instructions on how to do this.
9am- I call myself, woman tells me the guy was supposed to come Friday, but just didn't. They don't know why, so he'll be around some time today. Nice. She did give me instructions on how to turn the gas back on though.
2:15pm- I get home and check the tank and it's full and gas is turned off. I turn it back on, go in the house and turn on the heater and nothing! Oh no! I wait a few minutes and finally, WE HAVE HEAT!!!!
I'm hoping to get a better nights sleep tonight.


kd said...

Think Spring! In spite of the cold, the snow, the crappy riding conditions...Think Spring!!

geneia said...

getting UP at 4am?!?!

that sounds an awful lot like BEDtime to me...


sad said...

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