Saturday, October 07, 2006

Happy Birthday Fatmarc!

Today is Marc's birthday. So what did we do? We went to a bike race of course. So today we loaded up and headed down to Hagerstown, MD for a cross race. It was a crazy race. It was a really short lap, really bumpy, and tons of turns to power out of. We ended up doing a billion laps. It was nuts. But it was a good day.
Somehow we managed to miss the rain yet again. So that's cool. I thought it was gonna be a sloppy mess today. Which I don't really mind. However, when it rained the whole way down until about 20min from getting there, I was a little concerned. It was quite chilly today and I do not like being cold. Yes I know, how can you like cross and not like being cold? Good question. I love cross. I'm not great at it, but it has always been my favorite type of racing. The odd part about it is it's a cold weather sport and I hate cold weather.
Last night I was packing everything I could find just in case it was really cold. Which means around 50 to me. As I got dressed I put on a ton of imbracation, knee and arm warmers, and an undershirt along with my shorts and jersey. I kept going back and forth about about a vest, but at last moment I decided against it. Though some people raced in just a jersey and shorts and looked fine and maybe even a little warm, I was perfectly fine. Never felt over dressed at all. After my race as I cooled down I started piling on the layers. I couldn't get enough. I had on a base layer, a short and long sleeve t-shirt, a fleece top and a heavy fleece jacket,plus I had knee warmers under my jeans and a wool cap and was still freezing. At one point during the A race I sat in Lisa's chair and bundled up in her blanket and held an umbrella to shield myself from the wind, while still cheering on Dan the man. Yes, I know, I'm a nut and they were making fun of me. But I can't help it, once I get cold I do not warm back up. But still this is my favorite type of racing. Go figure.

Marc and his hitchhiker (aka ratfuck)


megA said...

hey monkey!

i hate the cold too, so i bring a sleeping bag to the races and crawl in, then plop myself in a chair.

tres coz-zey!

see you in two weeks!



sad said...

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