Monday, February 04, 2008

Hammer Time!
Yesterday Marc, Amy and I went on a road ride. It was a beautiful day for February. Sunny and 50 degrees. Yeah, when you see the pictures it doesn't look 50 degrees. That's because when we started out it was only 35. So you have to dress for what it is, not for what it might be. Plus it's colder on the road right?

Marc sporting his spiffy new thermal vest. He loves this thing.

Amy riding by a farm. But don't worry, it didn't stay this flat and boring.

Soon we came across Hammer Time!

So we all got off our bikes and did Hammer Time. Well err ahhh I did.

We even ran into James up by the resevoir.

It was a great day to to be out on the bike. Ahhhh....


breyla-la said...

I agree. Best road ride in a while. We saw the SUN!

robert said...

whoa! i just posted a picture of that same stop sign from MY sunday ride.

it is the best sign ever.
and i didn't do the dance.

megA said...

i SO would have hammertimed


sad said...

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