Monday, July 02, 2007


Oh where to start. Marc, Fitzy and I headed up Friday afternoon so we could set up prior to the night time trial. We camped in same poison ivy field as last year. It's actually a great location, it's separated from the parking lot, but you can get your car there and it's shaded. Unfortunately it's also swimming with poison ivy. So you want to wear shoes and watch where you sit things.
After setting up camp, we headed down to registration where Marc caused much confusion by registering under the name Marcus Faticus (they were not amused). Then I registered as a last minute decision. This is basically my first sport race in about a billion years. I raced a small one last year due to it being one 4 mile lap for Beginner or three 4 mile laps for Sport. So I figured what the hell, 4 miles isn't worth getting dirty for, so I raced Sport. I got DFL, but all was good. I had at least one woman in my sights almost the entire race, so it wasn't a blow out.
This past weekend, I wasn't as lucky. I knew the course wasn't to my strengths. 10 billion logs, but I've been really working on them and since Sewell was cancelled I figured what the hell.Off the start, error number 1. Take off like a bat out of hell and forget about the second rise before the woods and blow up. Ok, it's a problem, but still the beginning. I Collect myself and move on. I can still see the field in front of me. I start bobbling over the logs, one after another I'm getting more and more frustrated, but I'm still moving forward. I can still see the other women, but the gap is growing. Then I come across a guy being carried out of the woods. Yeah, this doesn't boost my confidence, but I proceed. Finally I recognize something positive. I'm climbing better than I had the previous year. Then I hit the tight twisty stuff. That section was great. I felt like I was back home riding Crack Head Bob. Finally I can see some women again, I'm gaining some ground. I keep going, plugging on. Then comes lap two. I'm riding a lot more of the logs. I'm enjoying myself. Then I realize I was concentrating so much on what I was riding, I wasn't racing anymore. Crap! I inadvertently noodled in the middle of the race, what's with that? I continue on, by now I'm way off the back. I can see some women at some cross sections, but they're way ahead by now. I finish as the Experts are starting, I didn't even get to cross the line. Yeah I suck. I finished 11 min off of the rest of the pack. Yikes! Oh well. It was a nice day out in the woods.

In addition: Marc had to pull out of the XC on Sat due to boo-boo belly. But did awesome Friday night during the time trial getting 16th overall.
Brey La-La did the TT and the Endurance Race, getting 2nd in both. Talk about two ends of the spectrum. An all out sprint and then an endurance race, all within a 24hr timeframe, wow.
Wes the conqueror sure has been living up to his name with yet another win on Sat.
Ethan won both the TT and his race Sat.
John got 2nd in the XC.
Jamie got 2nd, Andrew 4th and Fitzy 11th all in the endurance race on Sat. And I just want to point out all these guys raced the 12 hour last weekend! No rest for the weary. Great job to all!

Here's me off the front at the start. Why? I don't know.
Marc was on the side telling me to pace myself, but I don't listen. Hardheaded.

My pretty leg after all my really crappy attempts at some logs. Pedals are so unforgiving. I should just take my chances with the logs.


kd said...

No, you don't suck...stop it! It was such a pleasant surprise to see you line up at the start...let's just say some of the competition has not been the friendliest variety, so I was happy to see a friendly & familiar face!
If it's any consolation, I heard a Master 1 Dude say, "What's the matter? You're not riding like your usual self..." (thanks, man) as I bobbled and bungled just about every log obstacle on lap 2. Oops...
Great race, great write-up, great to see you this summer :)

Suki said...

I'm so proud of you for doing that race.

next time I'm sketching on a climb or deciding whether or not a route is too tough for me...

I'm gonna pull a "monkey"...and just fucking go for it.

Amy said...

That bruise ain't nothing ;~) The leg though is quite sexy. You should see the color I got on my thigh... ranges from purple all the way down to green and yellow.... real attractive.

huber said...

The Fonz strikes again!

sad said...

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