Monday, June 25, 2007

Cranky Monkey

Yesterday was the 12 Hours of Cranky Monkey. Oooh where to start. Saturday morning everyone convened at our house to pack as much as we could into the trailer and approximately 5 cars to head down to Quantico. Instead of packing with the when in doubt leave it out strategy, we went with everything but the kitchen sink one instead.
Once down on the base, we took off for a pre-ride of the course. We quickly got separated into two groups. Me being in the later of the two. We strolled along at a nice pace, and whenever I'd start to grind a little too much, Marc would tell me to shift down and save my legs. Fitzy got a flat so we stopped for that and we rested st the top of climbs. I started and stopped my watch when I remembered, trying to get a estimated lap time. Upon returning Amy looked at me and said, "so what do you think of the course"? I smiled and said I really liked it. With a surprised look, she said "really, even with all that climbing"? I said it didn't look that bad. It was a nice mix. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Skip ahead to race day. I raced a 3 man co-ed with Marc and Rotten Rob. Our strategy was to get an early lead by Having Rob start, then Marc a double, then Rob again, and then me before we went straight rotation. I sat and rested and ate a bunch fueling up. Nerves started to gt to me as I waited to go. I've always been 2nd during endurance races because I like to get it over with. To be set to go out on the 5th lap was more than my stomach could handle and things went south really quickly. Finally it was my turn. It was hot, my gut was a mess, we were now in 1st place and it was my turn. Yikes! Rob comes in and I I'm off. I take off up the 1st climb, then a fast flat section, then the 2nd climb, then 3rd and 4th, all fast sections in between. Oh crap no recovery. Andrew had come up on me and we rode back and forth for a while before he left me on the power climb. I keep going. I remember from the prior day where I am and vaguely how much is left. In the last 2 miles of the lap I get passed by a guy. No big deal, guys pass me all the time, until I see he's in our class. Oh crap, now I've lost our lead. Somewhere inside I dug deep to keep him within my sights. I flew along thinking, wow I can't believe I'm going this fast, but on the same hand, wow I'm going to pay for this later. And I did.
He got away, but not by much and Marc got them next lap. Unfortunately I entered the land of what Marc would probably call Zombie these days. I went back to the compound and cleaned up and tried to get myself together and eat. As I shovel down food my stomach is still very volatile. I feel comatose. I just can't get clear. I'm in a haze I can't escape. Marc and Rob both rocked great laps, then my turn. I went out as before. Consistency, that's what's key. Fell apart a little but pulled a respectable lap. 3 min slower than my first. I feel the haze getting worse. I can't bring myself to eat. I didn't even want to clean up. I was so hot. Tom followed me around until I agreed to let him pour cold water on my head to cool me down. I finally agreed. It did help, but still I felt hazy. After prodding from Marc and Tom I got some food down. Got ready and went out for my last lap.
Nothing like knowing it's going to be your last lap. It hurts so bad, but I just keep telling myself, it's ok, it'll be over soon, this is the last time I have to ride this. And I push on. Pulled a better time that was back equal to my first. So not too shabby.
We ended up getting 2nd place by I believe about 9min. We all rode our hearts out and did an awesome job. Marc did great and was in Marc mode (man on a mission). Rob was really awesome. He was able to remain jovial throughout. He smiled all day. And he pulled consistently great times.

In addition:
Wes & Matt and Jan and Blair both raced 2 man open men. Wes & Matt pulled an incredible 7 laps each. I believe at one point I remember Matt saying that he was concerned about his teammate choice as now he was going to have to work his ass off, which he did. They ended up winning their category by a lap. Way to go both of you!
Jan and Blair got 2nd. At one point Jan comes walking back over to the compound and is looking way too fresh. I asked why he was back. He said apparently Blair did a super fast lap and just took off for another one. He just sat there in a chair completely kitted up, helmet and all. His expression was great.
Ethan & Mayhew and Bob & Buddy raced in the singlespeed class. Ethan and Chris getting first and Bob and Buddy 2nd. Awesome job guys!
Buddy did 6 laps to Bob's unexpected 7 laps. I'll say unexpected because as I was waiting to go out for my final lap, Bob was walking around smiling saying how he only had 1 lap left. We all did the math and told him he'd have 2, but he was adamant about it, so we didn't say anymore. 5 minutes before the cut off in comes Buddy and Bob had to go out for his 7 lap. I didn't see him prior, but I'm guessing he wasn't as happy as the last time I saw him. They did great!
Amy "Brey-La-La" and Jamie raced co-ed duo. I'm not sure how many laps they both ended up doing, but they were both well spirited and worked their asses off throughout. They won their class. Yeah!
Levi, Andrew and Fitzy all raced the solo class. I didn't really see them all day, except for the little while Andrew and I rode together, which was really nice. Levi got 1st, Andrew for 5th (a double flat on his last lap), and Fitzy got 5th in singlespeed solo.
Meghan and Tom took care of everyone at the main tent, while Jenny tended to the solo riders over at the solo tent. They were all key as always as they were always right there willing to help out, being forever pleasant and never complaining. Tom even with a concussion and a trip to the ER worked his butt off for everyone. Thank you to everyone! I can't say enough.


Suki said...

show me the ways, master-monkey.

rotten said...

great job monkey, this was one of my favorite races yet.

you were a fantastic teammate, way to suffer through the zombie-zone.

thanks thanks and thanks.

Brey la la said...

You rocked the house this weekend! Just wanted to say I am proud :-)

Chris Mayhew said...

Nice job this weekend Diane. You suffer more pleasantly than anyone I've raced with. I think everyone but you got short at some point.

Maybe too many carbs in the morning breakast?

megA said...

hey diane--

i suffer with the bellyness too--and with not being able to eat. I'll email you a little later with some of the tips i got last week to help me through some of that. . .

you rock sista!


Mrs. Outlaw said...

I've never raced before but plan to do the SSWC07 as well as a local race or two this summer. Your race reports have been inspirational. Keep it up!