Sunday, July 08, 2007

Just Breathe

It's early Saturday morning and we are running late to get out for a ride. I'm grabbing pieces as I run out the door. No time to clean out my Camelbak, so I grab a bottle & a cage I'll have to install before taking off. As we pull into the lot we see Buddy, Rob, and John have already arrived and are waiting for us. I also take note, their cars are no where in sight. Mmm, this means they rode here, so they're warmed up and I'll be starting cold. Ok, no problem, this is a mellow ride and we're starting off on double track, so I'll be ok.
We park, start getting everything together, and Marc realizes he's forgotten his shoes. He's slightly frustrated at having to have to run back home, but says he'll meet us on the far side of the park in about a half hour and takes off. Buddy in turn says, "wow, that's not going to give us much time". Oh crap, this isn't great for me.
I get myself together, install the water bottle cage, Buddy adjusts my breaks for me, saying I'll be faster now that I'm not dragging breaks the whole time. Yeah, cause that's my problem. hee hee. I do thank him because it has been driving me crazy listening to it drag, which every time I complained Marc would tell me, "they're disc brakes, that's what you get". He hates disc brakes.
We take off. We're going at a nice clip, but I'm ok. We hit the singe track, still not too bad. I'm hanging in there. They've got me up front, Buddy riding second wheel, then Rob, then John. They are talking amongst themselves telling stories. I'm just trying to keep my pace up. We cross over into Middlerun and Buddy asks me where I'm headed. I say left. He tells me to go right, it's more direct. I tell him it's more climbing that way, it'll take me longer. He insures me I'll be fine. I go right. I get bogged down a little but it's not so bad. Then we hit the church climb. The roll up it like it's nothing. I'm grinding away behind them. We reach the parking lot where Marc is waiting, he looks at me and says, "wow, were you guys hauling". As I stand there panting, Buddy casually says "no, not really". Then he turns to me and tells me to lead off.
We continue on, up one hill down another. It's a beautiful day, but I'm definitely working my butt off as they all talk casually behind me. At one point Buddy ask, "Diane, are you ok, you've been really quiet today". I just reply "I'm just trying to breathe". At this they laugh.
In all it was a beautiful day, and a great ride. Everyone is always very nice, and no one ever tells me I need to go faster or that I'm too slow. This is all pressure I put on myself. It took me a year to get back in shape enough that I could even ride with people again (even if it is on their slow days) so I don't want to screw it up. So I go out and pound away. Hey, it only makes me stronger.
Thanks for the ride guys! Even though it may not always look like it, I have fun every time!


Suki said...

I wanna ride with you.

you'll kick my ass to creation and back...

but we'll have fun doing it!

megA said...

go monkey POWER!!!!!!


Frank Brigandi said...

it comes back sort of in gulps.
Disc brakes work great when they are set up properly.... see me at the next event I'll fix them for you, no problemo..

sad said...

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