Thursday, March 29, 2007

Upside Down
I've been thinking about climbing all day. Then I realize it's only Thursday, yuck! I want Saturday to be here.
I thought this picture was neat. Marc took it of me messing around in the cave. Yes, the picture is the right direction. I am upside down. I wasn't able to follow the colors though. Just being able to move grabbing anything was hard enough. A month ago it took everything I had just to hang in place.


airing out said...

That is not easy stuff. Your core is going to be crazy solid strong. You look good too!

I've been working a climb across the roof of our gym. Sometimes I've got it. Sometimes I don't. Maybe tonight is an 'on' night?

Soon the gym will open in DE and then you can climb every day, no?

chunky monkey said...

A roof, yikes! That sounds high. I liked being only a couple feet off the ground. I could flop on my back and didn't even need a crash mat.
We'll probably check the one out in DE when it opens. But we like the group we've been going at the other gym and they all live up that way. So we'll keep going there. Plus this is my second sport. Cycling is still #1. Marc has reminded me of that several times. :-)

Frank Brigandi said...

monkey fits now

geneia said...

I'm stoked to hear I won't be losing you to some sucker-punk climbing gym in DE. psssht! as if!

*ducks the donkey punch I know airing out is gonna throw my way :-D*

you're looking super strong these days. coming along like a champ. touching finish holds, hanging upside down, making crude noises.

you make a Suki proud.

see you Monday?

sad said...

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