Monday, January 08, 2007

Beautiful Weekend in January
(what an oxymoron)

This past weekend was jammed packed. Not that most weekends haven't been lately. But usually by this time in the winter it's cold and dreary and no one really goes out or does anything. It seems to be a quiet time until things resume in Spring, or Spring training for some. But lately with it being unseasonable warm, it's been awesome. Saturday Marc and a huge group were planning on riding Elkneck, which I despise. So Amy agreed to ride with me on the road. Well as Friday nights weather did not cooperate, the Elkneck ride became a road ride. So we all headed out in one big pack.
It was still cloudy and wet when we headed out, but crazy warm. There was 15 in all. It wasn't long before everyone was peeling off layers as the sun started peeking through the clouds. Buddy, Marc, and Paul were riding their fixed gears. It was crazy being behind them going down hills as their legs flew around in circles. Or better yet their back wheels hopping as they had to come to a halt. It was quite a sight to see as they all seemed to do this so easily. Give me gears and brakes any day.
We rode the road more mountain bike style. We'd be in a pack and then kinda string out and then come back together. There were peppy sections and I think maybe a sprint or two. Not so sure as I was at that back during those. Whenever I got too far behind though, a hand would be on my back to give me a little help. I had one bad stretch on a false flat and there were numerous hands. I really appreciated all the help. Thanks guys! It was great to be out on such a beautiful day and with a great bunch. I miss group rides. It's been a long time.
Saturday night we did some relaxing/partying before riding again on Sunday. Sunday's group was even bigger. This time we did make it out on the trails. We ended up splitting into two groups, but we came back together a few times throughout the ride. It was pretty cool. I was the lead ass of the ride on Sunday. I felt like ass and Jamie decided to find every climb he could that day. At one point, after already climbing for a while, we stood at a cross section of trail trying to decide where to go. We didn't know exactly where we were, all I knew is we were getting dangerously close to "skip a trail". I said I didn't care which way, as long as we didn't take it. Jamie turns and darts off down this nasty rocky downhill and then we climb and climb some more, we were on "skip a trail". I really need to learn that side of the park so I can stay away from that thing!
Overall it was a great weekend. Got in lots of riding, rode with great people, caught up with some people I hadn't seen in a while and the weather was beautiful. Who could ask for more.


mail order said...

That was a really good weekend. Thanks for hosting it and putting up with all the bike nerds in your house.

Funny, I wasn't sure how you felt about pushes and whatnot. But I also think you should use your strength to hold a ride together, not blow it apart. Glad you didn't mind the help.

My soul is still crushed from your comment on my muddy bike.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the party/couch/rides. Great times. Hopefully to be repeated often.

sad said...

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