Thursday, November 02, 2006

Spell Bound

I was flipping through Entertainment Weekly and came across a list of the top 5 movie magicians. Yes, I don't know why I was looking at Entertainment Weekly either. For some reason it's been coming to the house. I don't have a subscription or anything, but it keeps showing up. Anyway, the list was:

#5 Merlin
#4 Gandalf
#3 Albus Dumbledore
#2 The Wicked Witch of the West
#1 Yoda

I couldn't believe what I was reading. For one, though Yoda is a bad ass, he's not a magician, he's a jedi knight.
As for the wicked Witch of the West. #2, really? What did she really do. So she could look in a crystal ball and have a minion of flying monkeys. She couldn't even cast a decent enough spell to be immune to water. She must bave been one smelly B*&^#.
Now Albus Dumbledore on the other hand. He's awesome. He is not only a really powerful wizard, but he also has compassion and understanding. A really likeable guy. And where's Voldemort in this list? He's supposed to be the most powerful wizard of all. He's bringing himself back from the dead even. I never saw the Wicked Witch of the West do that.
Gandalf, again, another great choice. That fight on top of the tower was awesome. Yes, I'm a super geek.
And Merlin as #5? He's the one that started it all. He's the ubber magician. However, I'm not familiar with the particular film they're referencing. So maybe that Merlin sucked.
So my list would be as follows.

#5 the Wicked Witch of the West (only because I do not consider a jedi knight a magician)
#4 Dumbledore
#3 Gandalf
#2 Voldemort
#1 Merlin


mrs. incredible aka Tabba said...

I think the Wicked Witch being on the list was based on the books....not the movie. Her magic was lame in the movie -sort of...balls of fire, the poppies, 'teleporting in pink smoke', flying on the broom. In the books is where you can really appreciate her magic. She put a nasty spell on The Tin Man in the book...among other things.

Anonymous said...

retracting my former statement, after re-reading your post and seeing "movie" magicians. Maybe they put her there because at the time that movie was made, she did some cool things as far as the technology they had.

Tabba said...

that last one was me, sorry

Frank Brigandi said...

Here;s how I rate my witches and warlocks. The more bad ass they appear when they slay while I'm listen to led zeppelin the higher up I regard them. The more badass they appear when slaying while george Gershwin is playing, well, the less likely they will be on my list..
Lord of the rings should have liscensed some Zep for the wold have not only been a hot picture to see, but it may have actually smoldered a little.
Jimmy Paige could have played a part for shit sake....but I'm no hollywood director am I?

mail order said...

I would seriously not discount the flying monkeys. Your husband seems to have about a million of them cheering for him. It's a pretty cool super power.

I never seem to get close enough to find out if he's a smelly B*&^#. though.

Jamie said...

What about that street idiot David Blaine;)!!!! BUT, I think you found your next job calling...writing for ET!
Have a good one...

sad said...

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