Monday, October 30, 2006

Suit Up?

Yesterday was Beacon. I was scared half to death of this race. All week people kept telling me how hard it was and of the ampitheater of death. I didn't even want to do it it got so bad. Marc had pre-registered me, so I was stuck. There was no way out. Ah, but then I got hurt Satruday. I don't know exactly what happened. All I know is that by Saturday night my back and hip had seized up so much that I couldn't stand up straight or put hardly any pressure on my one leg. I tried to rub it out and made it worse. I took Advil; didn't help. I tried hot balm. Felt good. But I think it just disguised the pain. I went to bed without packing for the race. I wasn't even sure I was going to make it to the race, not alone actually getting on my bike.
Sunday morning comes, I get up and move around gingerly. I feel stiff, but no sharp stabbing pains. So that's an improvement. I take more Advil. Grab a little something to eat and throw some crap in my bag as Marc is rushing me out the door.
We get to the race, I'm moving ok. I pick up my number, go to get dressed and oh no not again! I have my shoes, but this time I forget my kit. I have arm warmers, leg warmers, gloves, shoes helmet, everything for my extremeties, but no kit. Luckily Mike lent me one of his skin suits. He had an extra, though it was a men's medium. But hey, beggers can't be choosy.
Oddly enough the shorts weren't bad. I filled out the butt just fine. It was a little loose around the leg, but the kneewarmers held it in place. The upper body was another story. My oh my was it anything but tight. At the line one of the girls actually laughed at me. Another said that it made it look like I lost a bunch of weight. I laughed. But it did the job.
Thanks Mike!!!
My race went well. Amy came through with some stuff called Biofreeze that did wonders on my back. It felt great. It Seized up a little later again. But just reapplied and good as new. Also, turned out I liked the course a lot. I did hate the ampitheater of death with a passion. That is a hateful thing to make people run up. Especially someone as short as me. Those things weren't stairs. It was like climbing a wall each time. But other than that I really enjoyed the course. Even the beach wasn't so bad. Overall turned out to be a good day, and now Beacon is one of my favorite courses so far.


IF Chicks said...

CMonkey...way to go and conquer the ampitheatre of death ! My race sounded tame compared to yours..
if DCC of D needs more biofreeze I can hook you guys up !

Dream Plus said...

Dianne, you're welcome. I'll bet my skinsuit smelled the best it has after a race. My kit is proud.

megA said...

OK, that last comment is almost as creepy as the FFA amy photo requests. . .

although, i would happily give the monkey the skinsuit off my back too.

or my shoes

or arm warmers

i'll start bringing more stuff to races just in case.

chunky monkey said...

thanks mega, obviously I may need it.

sad said...

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