Monday, August 25, 2008

Outdoors At Last!

After over a year of climbing strictly in the gym we've finally made it outside. After our first adventure as we call them, we got hooked and have gotten out as much as we can. Some places are better than others for boldering, but they're always fun.
I learned the hard way that it's best to take off your climbing shoes when not climbing. One day I decided to go exploring, while still in my climbing shoes. I was lazy and didn't feel like taking them off. The whole next week my big toe was killing me. I didn't find this until a couple weeks later when I finally took off the toenail polish. Ah, that's why it hurt so bad.

Wes climbing while still in his sneakers. Yeah, he could climb things and top out in sneakers that we couldn't.

This little boulder was the scourge of our existence for a day and a half. Though it was small, it was smooth with almost no holds. It took a while and I think we all lost some skin on it, but we made it. Yeah!

This is that boulder too. The shot looks way cool. Wes took it. The hold is actually where my right hand is, that little dent. Yup that's it.

Is this awesome or what!

Wes relaxing.

Buddy on a low start.

Rachel climbing the Mojo I think.

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sam said...

Oh my gosh! I knew there was a reason I never wear toe nail polish, that toe looks painful!

We all need to climb together some day...