Monday, November 12, 2007

Hot Topic

I've never had much luck with Hot Balm in the past. It's never really worked for me regardless of how much Ive applied. And if it did work, it started working too late; like once I was home after a hot shower. So this year I got 'hot' instead of using Marc's 'mild'.
Saturday was a cold overcast day threatening rain, so I decided it'd be a great day to try out my new 'hot' Hot Balm. Thinking I'd have the same reaction as previously I slathered on an absorbent amount from upper thigh down to my ankle. Then I put on 2 layers of knee warmers to really work up a sweat.
As I went for my pre-ride and my I could feel the slight burn, but it was nice and not too hot. I abandoned one set of knee warmers for the race, and again, it felt good, not overwhelming. Then after the race I jumped in Tom's Sprinter to clean up my leg (which I bashed into the concrete coming off the beach, leaving behind some skin). I wasn't in there for more than a couple minutes before my legs started to burn, then burn quickly turned to a fiery pain. I cleaned up my leg quickly and disembarked. As soon as I hit the cool air, the pain eased. Problem was I had to sit in the car the whole way home. My upper body was freezing as we couldn't turn the heat on since my legs were on fire.
We stopped on the way home to pick up rubbing alcohol and witch hazel. Both which I've heard removes Hot Balm. So I rubbed and rubbed trying to remove as much as possible so I could take a hot shower. Once I figured all was good I got in the shower and slowly eased the water warmer and warmer. It felt good, not burning. Then I decided to shave. HA! What a mistake. The fire came back 10 fold and nothing made it subside for about an hour.
Sunday I used very little Hot Balm. It was much better.

Weekend results:
Saturday was Beacon. It was a cold and blustery day and I was still not feeling well. But what the hell, I raced anyway. Well, I was in a race. I'm not sure you can call what I did 'racing'. I basically bundled myself up, slathered on a ton of Hot Balm and had a nice ride in the park. Sunday went a little better. I was feeling a little more like my old self and had a little spunk back. Was able to fight it out a little and managed a respectable finish.


IF Chicks said...

poor monkey loses ground to the hot balm sat..shaving was very hardcore of you :)

Glad to hear the spunk came back on sunday !! See you dudes this coming weekend.. are you ready for more sand ???


Jim said...

Ha ha!

/Nelson Muntz

I've got a contact sports background and have had "friends" put Atomic Balm (it is what it sounds like) in various clothing items - we were doing this to each other into our late thirties. So while I have some sympathy... I'm also forced to laugh, in the same way I'm forced to laugh at the Three Stooges. I cannot not laugh. Welcome to the Fraternity of the Burned, Monkey. And, in the spirit of full disclosure and giving you an opportunity to laugh at my discomfort, here's five words:

Atomic Balm Jockstrap Rugby Game.

It was as bad as you might imagine, probably a lot worse. It also happened more than once. Atomic Balm in the eyes was a similar experience - I started using disposable gloves to apply it after that.

breyla-la said...

I remember coming back from the hell Friday races at Nats 05' and Dan screaming in the car, "It is SO HOT, OMG!!" I had to go to the front desk at the hotel and ask for alcohol wipes from their first aid kit, HA! Sorry for you monkey! Good job this weekend!!!

Chris Mayhew said...

Yeah, I think we all have experiences like that, not to diminish yours.
1) Once tried some new stuff that left burn marks. It also left me unable to wear pants at the dinner table with my parents and brand new girlfriend.

2) I had the same experience as Dan at nats 05.

3) Just now I used the SportsBalm wash and a towel after a ride. Got out of the shower and then used that same side to dry my face.

d) My wife got some shot into her eye, thanks to the dogs.

sad said...

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