Monday, November 05, 2007

Cross Rut

I've been kinda in a funk lately. I wait all year for cross season and now that it's here and we're pretty much in the middle of it, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. I feel like all I do is work, ride, eat and sleep. I know that's the way it goes and once it's over I'll be missing it all over again. But as for right now I'm feeling a little like I'm in a rut.
Last weekend, like many weekends lately I went to a cross race. Last Saturday was the Wayne Scott Memorial race at Fair Hill. It was a blustery, cold, overcast day. However, the course was pure beauty. I absolutely loved the course. It was fairly flat with false flats, some natural barriers, a short run up and a really long sand pit. Oh and did I mention about 50 billion turns. It was great. I wasn't feeling the sand pit at first. It was a lot of running and incredibly long, but it seemed to work to my advantage. Who knew I could run. It was great to have a course that was actually my style. I couldn't complain at all. I gave it my all and had a great race. Minus a few errors (like not paying attention and running off course) everything went well.
So today I'm back in my rut. Figuring out what I need to do each day, even though basically everyday is the same. Today is the one day I usually get out of my rut and go climbing. I love climbing but it has definitely taken a back seat to cross. Today I'm not going though as I feel a little under the weather. So I'm going to stay home and rest. Rut, rut, rut...


Anonymous said...

monkey...hang in there....i'm trying to do the same.
made the big decision after this w/e's fiasco of racing to NOT go to Natz.
i have to break the news to Combsie. ruh roh.

i'm missing iPaul(c) racing X w/ us. it's just not as much fun. :(

but look at that calendar...there's not many X weekends left....rut be damned!!

robert said...

i hear ya monkey.

do what i do.
ignore cross for a week.
climb, eat, drink, party, be merry.

it frees the mind, and suddenly you have a good race.

i wish it could all be that way, but then there'd be no challenge, no allure. and every jerk would be doing it.

you had a great race on saturday, that's what it's all about. hang tough, ride well.

Suki said...

I hear ya on the rut thing.

*sigh of all sighs*

I only wish my rut involved some physical activity.


mine involves "challenged" children and their effed up parents...

and me feeling more and more like I'm failing them.


its all about fridays, these days.

race on, girlfriend. get some exercise for me.

sad said...

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