Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Beached Whale

I got to ride and climb yesterday. So I am exhausted today. Yeah maybe not the best idea to ride and then try to climb. But it's the way it worked out.
So last night I was having a rough night. I couldn't make several reaches. They just seemed to be a million miles away. I have developed a bad habit too of getting to the second to last hold and then panicking and giving up. So after numerous efforts and failing I went over to work on this one route I've been messing with for about a week. It comes out of a cave, around a wall, and then up over the top of a overhang. A picture would be better, but I don't have one. Anyway, you basically have to hug the wall and have almost no holds, (foot or hand) and you have to get out and around and up on top. The inside of my legs are all sore and bruised from attempting and failing numerous times on Saturday. But last night first try, bam, around and up I went. When I got on top though I did what Marc refers to as the "beached whale". Instead of gracefully and confidently standing up and walking my way up the slope, I decided as much surface contact was best and flopped my body up and wiggled to safety. But hey, I still made it, yeah!!!


kd said...

it's only fun if we end up bruised & battered, right?!

geneia said...


you forgot to tell them about the boulder-top victory dance, though.

so I will.

it involved loads o' shaking...and a good bit o' jiggling.

all while seated. a feat in and of itself.

airing out said...

Awesome! Sometimes it just takes one try when you are fresh. Keep it up. Soon the gym will be opening in your neighborhood. Do you know about this? If you are really into it, I'll take you outside when it gets warmer.
Have you gotten on ropes yet? I'm impressed that you just started out bouldering... easy bouldering problems are pretty tough compared to easy rope routes. I'm so excited that you are climbing!

Jamie E said...

I call the move "The Belly Hook".
Jamie E

sad said...

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