Monday, December 18, 2006

Traveling With Dumb and Dumber

I have found myself in a sort of lull lately. I haven't blogged, I haven't checked my email except for about once a week. I've gotten out and ridden some, but I feel as I don't have a purpose. It's taken me a bit to get a handle on it. Basically cross is over. There were times through November when I was looking forward to the end of the season. Being able to have a life back, actually having time to play my guitar, get into the holiday season and what not in the place of just work, ride, eat and sleep. However, now that it's here I already miss it.
We just got home from Nationals today. It was a long and tiring weekend. We went up early so we could try to see a little of Providence. We were in Providence last year for 4 days and all we did was eat there one night. Through years of going to races I've been all over the Northeast coast primarily. But it's basically all the same. I can tell what the park looked like, or what the weather was like. I couldn't tell you anything about the actual town. This year, we left late Wednesday so we could walk around some Thursday before all the racing began. Marc, Ethan and I just strolled around town aimlessly just taking it in. We stopped at a local deli and grabbed a bite before heading off to pre-ride the course and help set up the compound. It was a good day.
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were all about the races. The days flew by watching everyone try their hardest in their respective races. Some racers were disappointed due to the more mild weather we had this year. It was around the 50's each day and no rain. The course was dry and super fast. I did not share their disappointment. Though I can understand why it would be to their advantage if it were sloppier. I was much happier with the warmer and drier weather.
There were many high and low points to the weekend. I'm really bad at remembering all everything, and I know Marc will go into them in much more detail. Basically, everyone busted their ass and did the best they could do and it was amazing to watch. Overall it was a great wrap up to an awesome season. I'm already counting the days until next year's.

Marc relaxing prior to his pre-lap. And yes, he is sporting the trucker mustache.

Marc taking the inside line around the tree.

I felt something bumping into me while I was watching the race. I turned around to see this green guy. Not sure what he is. Kinda freaky. Amy wasn't as freaked out by him as I was.

Betsy, Amy, Fitzy and I cheering one of the races.

Betsy flying by in the elite race before getting a flat.

Katie at the start of the elite race.

I just thought this was cool. That's Marc up towards the top of the hill. This was several laps in and they're still all packed together.


Anonymous said...

we're feeling a little sad now too that the season is over....:(

but it'll be here again before u know it!!!!!

happy at ur gig.
did he shave yet??

sad said...

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