Thursday, November 09, 2006

Falling Leaves

Today was such a beautiful day for this time in November. Who could ask for better weather. 68 degrees! That's crazy talk. Thursday's are normally a rest day for me. As I drove home though I decided it was just too nice not to go out and do something. So I figured I'd run just a little. Not long, but enough to say I got out and did something. I made it home, got out of the car and turned my knee oddly and it kinked and hurt. So I decided I'd go for a little ride instead. It'd be easier on my knee as it wasn't quickly working itself out. I got dressed headed out just to ride a little trail by my house.
I turned off the road into the trail and it seemed nice enough. Hit the first hill and it was very heavily leaf covered. No problem, just be careful because I can't see what's underneath. I'm slipping and sliding around. Finally I realize there's a very wet under layer under the leaves and I'm just kinda gliding along the top. Some sections were just down right soupy. So I cut out as soon as I could and decided to head out on the road. No biggie.
I'm dirty now, no reason to head home just yet. So instead of making a right for home, I take a left and head down a small back road. I pass a sign that says "Road Closed". I see a giant tree down over the road and figure that must be why, so I just hop off climb over the tree and proceed on. Now the road is very heavily leaf covered. As I go around this hard 180 turn in the road I'm looking up ahead to make sure there isn't another reason the road is closed, (like a bridge being out), then wham! I'm on the ground. I didn't even know what happened until I was sliding along the pavement. And yes, since it was nice out, I had shorts on. So I get up, brush myself off and notice there was a big stick under the leaves I had hit and took my front wheel out. Nice. Now I'm all skinned up so I decide I'm not following with the closed road anymore and head back. On the way back home I get two bugs in the same eye. Yikes! I obviously was meant to take today off.
However in hind sight, it may not be the riding. I may just be having that sort of day. Earlier in the day I had gotten a papercut on my thumb, shortly there after I was in the cafeteria at work and got my bagel stuck in one of those toaster turning machines and started a small fire and burnt the same thumb trying to reach in and unjam the bagel. Mmmmm...
Luckily today is almost over and I can start fresh again tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Whew! What a day you had. My goodness, girl!

sad said...

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