Friday, August 11, 2006

Embarrassing Moment

So I'm riding along. It's a beautiful day. The heat has finally broken. I comment that there's even a slight coolness in the air. Which my husband quickly says, "stop it, it's not cold". He's meeting up with a group, so I tag on for a bit before splintering off by myself. I'm looking forward to a nice casual ride.
As I warm up, I pick up the pace some up through some singletrack and then out into a field. I am tracing though the loop I want to do in my head. Through this field, one more piece of single track, up a long climb and then a long swooping decent. Ah, it'll be great. Then I see a rut. Just stay out of the rut, stay out of the rut. I keep thinking this over and over. Damn, I'm in the rut. Must get stopped, going way to fast to get out. Next thing I know I'm flying over the handle bars and doing a Superman belly flop onto the ground. The heavy dew is splashing up in my face as I slide along the ground like I'm on a slip n' slide.
After finally coming to a stop, I get up, look around. Wew, no one saw. I think, wow I can't believe I just fell in the middle of this stinking field. I pick up my bike, get back on, and decide, I'm gonna call it a day. If I'm falling in the middle of a field then no long decents today. I still have to hit 2 pieces of singletrack and a rode section to get back to the car. No problem. Right?
I head into the first of the two sections. I pass a family hiking. We say our good mornings as I pass by. As I go I hear them saying something and laughing. I figure they are just talking amongst themselves and I continue on. At this point I run into Rick. I stop, he says he's looking for Marc's group. I tell him where I think they might be and I casually mention that I just fell in a field so I'm calling it a day. He just looks at me and shakes his head and moves on.
It's not until I get on the road that I finally look down. This is when I notice that I'm dragging a bush along with me and I'm covered in a grass and mud streak from my chin all the way to my knees. Beautiful! Well that explains the laughing and the odd looks. I discard the bush, brush off some of the mud and debrie and continue towards the car. One more section and I'm back. I pass a woman pee'ing in the bushes. I think I scareed her as much as she scared me. Then I come across another family hiking. I figure just keep my head down and keep going. But oh no. It turns out I know them. So I stop, we chat. I never explain the oh so obvious skid mark on my chest. Finally I get to my car, I quickly hook my bike to the rack and take off home. The embarrassment has finally ended. That is until Marc gets home and I explain the whole story to him.

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Tabba said...

I can sooooooo see this whole thing go down & as I'm reading it, I can hear your voice telling this. Too funny!